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3 Global business trends you need to be aware of in 2019

blog-clock Jan 18, 2019 12:28:07 PM

 Another year is done and dusted. It’s time to reflect on the wins and losses for this year, and at the same time, plan for the next year.

As we all know, the business world is really dynamic and new trends emerge every year.

Whether it’s technology, human resources, sales, marketing, or finance - a business owner needs to be aware of the future of the business landscape.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Drum roll, please…

Here are the top 3 global business trends for 2019.

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Generating sales through outstanding customer service

blog-clock Jun 28, 2018 1:36:17 PM

There is no understating how important your customers are to your business success. Your relationships with them are what build the foundation for continued growth. It makes sense then that customer service has a whole lot to do with driving sales. Yet a lot of businesses fail to recognise the link between exceptional service and profitability.

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Topics: Sales Strategy, Customer service

Caring for your customer relationships

blog-clock Jun 25, 2018 4:27:55 PM

Customer experience drives everything businesses do – and it all boils down to forming deep connections between people and brands. In fact, a good customer relationship is not much different than a romantic one. Your customers want your attention, they want you to remember the little things and they want your continued support.

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